Surf Dayton offers high quality surf lessons from enthusiastic and professional instructors making for a guaranteed fun and memorable experience! Choose between prone river surfing or if you have some stand up paddleboard experience, give SUP surfing a try! Instructors will cater to your skill level whether you are a beginner or have had some experience. We will provide everything you need to get started so just bring your smile and high stoke level!

PRIVATE LESSONS: $60 - 90 minutes total (60 min surfing time/30 min prior instruction)

GROUP LESSONS: $35 per person | 3-6 persons | 2hrs (90 min surfing/30 min prior instruction)

What is River Surfing? It’s just like regular surfing except its on a standing river wave. River waves can be natural or manmade whitewater features and often times, use specialty shorter, thicker, higher volume surf boards.

SUP Surfing or Prone Surfing? Prone surfing is more like traditional surfing and you will use your hands and arms to paddle. You start in the “prone” position to get into the wave and then stand up. SUP surfing is using smaller paddleboards to paddle into the wave already standing (or on knees) and you can use your paddle to help carve and do tricks. Each has its perks and we offer both!

What We Provide? For gear, we will provide a board, paddle, leash, life jacket, and helmet. You may bring your own equipment as well. We will offer a fun, informational, and safe surf session to maximum enjoyment and progression. Towards the end of the session, we will shoot video and pics for you to keep and review to see and help your progress and remember all the fun you had!

What you will Learn?


  • Learn about River waves and safety

  • Proper river surfing etiquette

  • How to properly and safely swim in river currents

  • How to catch the wave

  • How to transition to standing

  • Foot positioning


  • Understanding and using different parts of the wave

  • How to carve and do turns (heel and toe side)

  • How to Generate speed

Q: Where will we surf?
A: Depending on levels, we will surf at 1 of the 2 features at Riverscape Metropark. You will be told prior to the lesson and reference map link for the meeting spot.

Q: Is surfing safe?
A: With the correct safety equipment, river surfing is very safe. All Life Jackets (PFDS) should be coast guard certified and all our leashes will be connected from board to person. Each instructor is first aid and CPR certified. Both surf features are manmade and a more controlled environment than a natural river wave. You should be a strong swimmer before attempting to surf.

Q: Can I bring my own board and gear?
A: Yes, but it is recommended we use our BADFISH boards because they are designed for these waves and will have higher success for beginners. Ocean surfboards don’t always work with river waves.

Q: What should I bring?
A: We will provide all necessary equipment but you should bring appropriate swim attire, towel, sunscreen, comfortable water shoes that will not come off (No flip flops and barefoot is not recommended)

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?
A: Yes, cancel anytime. Cancellations made within 12 hrs of the the clinic, will be charged 50% of your lesson fee.

Q: Will I need to sign a waiver?
A: Yes, please read and sign the waiver prior to your lesson. CLICK HERE TO SIGN WAIVER