Snyder Park-Buck Creek-Springfield, Ohio

How to Get There: Map
Its about a 20 minute drive from Dayton but well worth it at right levels. Follow the map for Snyder Whitewater Park and the park will be on the right side, river left. Very easy to find and parking is right next to the river. Keep an eye on your belongings, reports of theft have occurred.

The River: Buck Creek is a great run for some whitewater. If you want to run the whole creek, start at the CJ resevoir and paddle down to Snyder Park for a 5 mile stretch. All together there is about 10 drops to run and possibly surf at the right levels. After the creek combines with the tributary creek, you’ll go through some splashy water before hitting some limestone shelves, stay river left at the first drop. The Stadium wave is fun and surfable at around 2.75-3.5ft. You can drive there as well and park and play. Next is the art museum which has 2 kayak holes but not very good for surfing a sup. Another 3/4 mile you will reach Snyder Park where there is the last 4 drops.

The Features:

Drop #2 is a tighter wave thats more of a hole, great for playboating and short sups. Needs to be above 3.5 ft though

Drop #3 is by far my favorite at snyder park and is surfable above 3.5 and most fun around 4 ft. It becomes very fast and rentantive with shoulders on left and right which makes it perfect for carving and short boards.

Drop #4 is better at lower levels but washes out when its above 4ft. Can still be a fun wave to learn on.

Water Guage Link (click on plum st. guage) 

NOTE: There’s 2 more features at the springfield art museum which is better for kayaks. There’s also a small wave at the baseball stadium (stadium wave) about 1.5 miles up river. Great 5 mile stretch to run!