Eastwood Metropark- Mad River

How to Get ThereMap
Off Harshman ave, pull into the park entrance at the light parallel with the river. The other entrance is for the lake. Follow the road into the park until it dead ends into a parking lot. River Access is on the right (river left side)


The Feature: This was one of the first features in Dayton built. Its changed several times and been rebuilt due to flood damage. The surfer’s right wave is the main feature and is good to surf between 350-800 cfs. Anything over it begins to get flushy. There’s not much drop so the wave isnt very big. I think it’s the most fun around 450-525 cfs where the foam pile is the highest and retentive although Ive noticed changes in it lately and just a few cfs can make all the difference. This is a great wave to learn on and is very easy access for surfer left or right. There is also a 2nd drop that is fun to run but wave is more natural and difficult to surf with how small it is.

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