River Scape Feature – Great Miami River

How to Get There: Map
Its about 3.5 miles down river from Eastwood so you can paddle there or just park downtown at River Scape Metropark. You can park on the street or behind Miami Conservancy District if it’s after 5pm

The Feature: River right is the beginner canoe chute, river left is the main surf feature. Its got a quick fast drop and is more of a kayak hole but better for a SUP or short board on surfers right of the wave although at lower levels you can surf all the way across. This can be a fun feature for a SUP at most levels. I think best is 26′ or under but the levels are still being explored since this is the newest feature. If it gets low enough it gets green enough for shortboards as well and has a night surfers left shoulder.

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Art Museum Feature- Great Miami
Beginner (low levels)-Intermediate

How to Get There: Map
Located less than half a mile down river from River Scape just past the I'-75 Bridge. Parking is still being constructed but you can also park across the street near the Mosanic Temple on the street. You then walk down the steep embankment to get to the bike path next to the feature, there are stairs near the bridge or the bike path near the tennis courts upstream.

The Feature: 
River Left is the easier canoe chute and River Right is the main surf feature. It’s got a long, tall and fast drop. At above 25.5′ its great for a kayak and is more of a bouncy play hole. Once it gets under 24′ its more consistent and greens out below 23.5′ and is great for a short board or SUP. Eddies are great on both sides for surfers left or right. Be cautious of the whirlpools in the wave train at higher levels. You can get pulled down for a few secs but will spit you out quick but ALWAYS wear a life jacket and leash. At lower flows, isnt as much of an issue. (always wear a PFD and Leash, regardless of the wave or conditions) It’s a wide wave and probably the most fun of all the waves when its at the right level. Its a small window when its good for shortboards and usually during dry months.

At flood stage at around 30′ and above 20,000 cfs, the main wave gets turbulent and all the islands are flooded but a huge green wave forms where the canoe chute is. Ive been calling it the “Mystery Wave.” Eddying is difficult and often only option is backwards entry from above the feature. The swim and walk back up after can prove challenging as well. Definitely only attempt if you’re a very skilled paddler and surfer. Always look for strainers or debri coming down river, never surf or paddle alone at these levels and really know what you are doing. DO NOT attempt unless you are skilled in whitewater and ALWAYS wear a Life Jacket!

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